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Located in South Florida, John Bruno Hair Salon is the only hair salon in Fort Lauderdale using only organic and vegan hair color and hair care products. Featuring OWAY Organics Hair Color, Hair & Skin Care. Beautiful healthy hair! Compassion, integrity and ethical value is the paradigm of John Bruno Hair Salon. Dedicated to giving outstanding customer service, beautiful healthy hair without compromising the integrity and well being of clients.

Buyer beware! The lies and misleading of the hair industry and salons.

This is an interesting yet common story that I am going to share.  

I met a new client yesterday in the salon.  Her and her boyfriend came to get their hair cut.  I asked how they heard of my salon.  She told me she googled "cruelty-free hair salons in Fort Lauderdale."

So as the consultation moves forward, I asked where she was going prior to my salon and was she happy there. She replied by saying yes she was happy with her hair. However, she realized that some of the salons products were not cruelty-free.

She then spoke to the owner and asked him if he could take the time to research hair care products and possibly carry more cruelty-free products and remove the ones that test on animals.  He then replied by saying to her: "I don't have the time to do that!"  She then walked out of the salon and did not have her hair done. 

This is somewhat disturbing on many levels.  In an industry that is extremely toxic to human health and using products that exploit or bring harm to animals is becoming more and more unacceptable to the public.  

Curious to know what salon she was speaking about, I asked her and she told me.  I know the salon but do not know much about it other than it has been in Fort Lauderdale many years.

So I jumped on their website, it did not show the hair care products they carry.  I went on their Facebook page and there's not much information there as to the products they carry either. However, I stumbled upon one of their posts and was so shocked and alarmed!  The salon posted a picture of one of the hair care lines they carry.  And the caption read:  "We only use certified organic products at this salon." 

I never heard of this hair care line pictured so I did some searching.  This product is not organic whatsoever.  In fact, it's first ingredient after water is a quite toxic chemical with a known carcinogen. 

It is appalling and the salon should be embarrassed at making a post that is nothing short of a lie and misleading their clients.  Most people do not take the time to read ingredients and many times do not know what they are reading anyway.  They are going on the trust of their salon professionals.

As a salon owner and hairstylist, I am committed to bringing my clients truth in what is being used in John Bruno Hair Salon.  Products are well researched before coming in the salon door. 

Kudos to this young woman for standing up to that salon owner.  This young woman is only 20 years old! 

Interestingly enough, a salesman also came in to the salon yesterday from some beauty distributor. He introduced himself and wanted to show me some "good deals" his distributor had.  I replied by saying:  "thank you but before you go any further, if your products are not organic or certified cruelty-free and vegan, I am not interested."  He then replied by saying: "oh that's cool, that's your schtick being organic and vegan."  I then replied by saying: "no, it is not my "schtick," it's my way of life. Have a good day."  

John Bruno Hair Salon features Shear Miracle Organics Hair Care and Organic Color Systems.

Below is the picture that was posted on the other salon wall on Facebook...pure misleading, pure lies.

Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 8.39.41 PM.jpg

What's all the buzz about?

There is so much talk and concern about the honey bees.  So many flowering plants depend on the honey bees for pollination. 

According to research and reports, the honey bees are dying.  Well why are they dying?  There are a couple of theories as to why, neither one of them are good. 

The first theory blames GMO crops.  GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organisms for those who do not know. A number of companies such as Monsanto and Dupont have genetically modified the seeds to withstand just about anything.  These seeds are now resistant to bugs, fungi and other parasites and hold larger yields which results in more profit, which is what these companies are after. Without any concern of the environmental impact or the detriment of bees, humans and other life on Earth. Greed is what motivates them, not human welfare. 

With that said, when the bees pollinate these crops and their immune systems cannot handle the pesticides and the now genetically modified plants, simply because they are being poisoned.  So their immune systems become weak and they fall prey to disease and die. 

The second theory is our beloved WI-Fi waves. Our cell phones, internets, and wireless everything.  These waves are thought to throw off the bees internal GPS if you will.  They cannot navigate themselves properly and cannot make it back to their hives. These waves also break down their immune systems and leave them open to sickness and disease. 

This is quite alarming because without the bees pollinating our crops, human starvation would be in epic proportions.   

There are things we can do to help stop this by purchasing non GMO foods whenever possible.  It is safe to say that most foods in our ordinary food stores such as Publix, Winn-Dixie and the like, are predominantly GMO foods. Unless they have a NON GMO verified label, you are ingesting GMO foods. Bad for you, bad for the bees, bad for everything.   Awareness, knowledge and activism are our main weapons against these companies who produce GMO foods.  

As a salon owner and stylist, I choose plant based hair color and plant based hair care products that are organic and non GMO.  Organic Color Systems and Shear Miracle Organics Hair Care products are in the forefront of responsible and sustainable Hair products. So whether it be a haircut or hair color that you need, John Bruno Salon provides the best in Hair services using organic products!  Join me in making the switch to organic and you will be buzzing with joy!