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Located in South Florida, John Bruno Hair Salon is the only hair salon in Fort Lauderdale using only organic and vegan hair color and hair care products. Featuring OWAY Organics Hair Color, Hair & Skin Care. Beautiful healthy hair! Compassion, integrity and ethical value is the paradigm of John Bruno Hair Salon. Dedicated to giving outstanding customer service, beautiful healthy hair without compromising the integrity and well being of clients.

Beautiful Lies

As everyone knows, knowledge is power!  As a salon owner and a hairstylist, I have devoted my career to not only giving people the information they need to make healthier and more responsible choices, but to also expose these hair care and cosmetic companies that are misleading us as consumers.  

For a number of years I was an advocate and supporter of Davines Hair Products. They claim to be not only environmentally responsible, but they are certified "zero impact" by Lifegate. Here's the newsflash! This company could not be more environmentally irresponsible!  

One of their more popular products is "Oi".  The slogan on the bottle says "Absolute Beautifying Potion". This oil claims to be very conditioning to the hair and scalp and eliminates frizz. It retails for in and around $50.00 for just under 5 ounces. 

The number 1 ingredient in this product is CYCLOPENTASILOXANE. Not only is it extremely toxic to humans, but it is also very toxic to fish and wildlife.  So where is this product "zero impact"? Below is an excerpt of this main ingredient:


 Suspected endocrine disrupter and reproductive toxicant (cyclotetrasiloxane). Ecotoxicology – harmful to fish and other wildlife. If you use too much on your skin it can stay in your body tissue for over 5 years.

CPS clinical studies found that, when tested on animals, this product produced tumors, endocrine disruption, neurotoxicity (damage to the brain and peripheral nervous system), organ toxicity (non-reproductive), and skin irritation.

Seems like high prices to pay for “soft and silky” hair and skin! Avoid if you can.

Now Davines claims to not test their products on animals which is why I chose it some years back. However, they are not on any of the "no test" lists anywhere. I still have a bottle of this Oi leftover from when I was using it in the salon. Now knowing how toxic it is to the environment, I have no clue of how to even properly dispose of it.  

This is how companies mislead the consumer to thinking they have a beautiful product, when in reality, it's all beautiful lies. 

Notice the beautiful and "serene" ad they use for this product. Again, beautiful lies.