John Bruno Hair Salon | Fort Lauderdale

Cruelty-Free | Organic | Vegan | Hair Salon in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Located in South Florida, John Bruno Hair Salon is the only hair salon in Fort Lauderdale using only organic and vegan hair color and hair care products. Featuring OWAY Organics Hair Color, Hair & Skin Care. Beautiful healthy hair! Compassion, integrity and ethical value is the paradigm of John Bruno Hair Salon. Dedicated to giving outstanding customer service, beautiful healthy hair without compromising the integrity and well being of clients.

What's in your hair care products?

We now live in a society where being pro active in the choices we make in our lives is an absolute must. Corporate greed and irresponsibility is what so many companies are about today. The largest profit margin with the smallest integrity and ethics. So many choices in professional hair care products! Are they really any different from one another? NO! The main ingredients in most professional hair care products are derived from petro chemicals. They are very cheap for the company to use, with no positive results on the hair. "I like the product but my hair got used to it". I hear this all too often from clients. The reason for this is because there is nothing in the product that nourishes the hair, or conditions it. So it's effect is not long lasting at all. "Natural" is all the rage now a days. If anything says "natural", I don't even bother. It's a term now used by companies to "sway" the consumer into thinking that what they are buying is good for them. "Plant infused", "vitamin enriched", all these slogans are manipulation by the companies to lure the consumer in, making them think that what they are about to purchase is good for them. When in fact, these plant, flower and vitamin extracts are usually the last in the ingredient list, the first being petro chemicals. 

Through my wonderful journey over the last 2 and a half years, I have learned so much about my industry. More so than the 33 years I have been a hairdresser.  In any product we as consumers choose, we should be able to pronounce an ingredient! Opening my salon here In Fort Lauderdale gave me an opportunity to re invent myself as a stylist, a salon owner and a more compassionate being. My position allows me to not only give beautiful hair to clients, but to also educate them and share my knowledge so that together we can make better choices in our lives. Personal products are so very important because our skin, being the largest organ of the body, absorbs 60-70% of what we put on it. It then filters throughout our bloodstream and through our bodies.

I carefully chose my hair care line, Shear Miracle Organics products for all of these reasons. Only organic plant, flower and oil extracts are used. You can clearly pronounce every ingredient. There is petro chemicals, animal ingredients, or any other toxic substance. SMO is cruelty-free and vegan! The company is based out of Pennsylvania, and manufactured in North Carolina. The owner of the company, Robyn Shaub Atticks is a hairdresser, who had a vision and wanted something different, for herself, her family, her industry and the earth.

What turned me on most is that I personally love women entrepreneurs. And her business model is one of pure ethics and integrity. So now we as hairdressers and salon owners have viable options today to make out industry much more safe for hairdressers, clients and the earth. We cannot continue to take from the earth without giving back.

There's a Shear Miracle Hair Care product that's just right for you! Stop in John Bruno Salon and explore your options! Together we can make a difference!